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Ultimate Tune-up PDF Print E-mail

A tune-up is basically a scaled down version of our overhaul, but still a thourough process. Included in the cost of a tuneup is two cable and housing installs, which we greatly reccomend. However if all cables and housing are replaced, then there is a $15 charge over the price of the tuneup.

Check below for a complete list of what we do during a tune-up:


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An Ultimate Tune-up Includes

  • Tune Front and Rear Derraileurs
  • Tune Front and Rear Brakes
  • Adjust and lube Hubs
  • True Wheels,lube nipples, check quick releases
  • Adjust/Tighten Bottom Bracket
  • Pull crank bolts and grease
  • Pull pedal axle and grease (pedal bearings too)
  • Adjust headset
  • Grease water bottle bolts
  • Check chain stretch, lube chain
  • Grease seat collar clamp bolt
  • Grease and lube all bolts

Full suspension bikes recieve in addition to the normal tuneup:

  • All pivots bolts pulled and greased, tightned to torque
  • If the bikes pivot bearings need to be overhauled, an additional $25 charge will be added.