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Sunday Adventure Group Ride - April 2nd,2017 - Route TBA

Local bicyclist Olivia Round has been coordinating leisurely & adventurous group rides for folks in the Hilo area.  Rides usually occur on Sundays, time and place changing each ride. The focus is on exploration and enjoyment of local scenery (some of us are slow!). Rides tend to be 8-12 miles in duration, all paved, and feature a potential swimming spot for some refreshing water play!

For more info or to get on the mailing list for the next Sunday Group Ride, email Olivia at roundo31@gmail.com 

What to Bring:

- a safe bicycle (aired tires, working brakes and shifters, lubed drivetrain, etc)

- your helmet

- plenty of water and snacks

- bike lock + key (bikes are left unattended while we swim/explore)

- patch kit, spare tube, tire pump, etc.

- bathing suit & towel (optional, but recommended!)

Please RSVP or send questions to Olivia by email: roundo31@gmail.com 

PS:  If it is pouring rain we probably won't go... give your phone number when you RSVP to receive a call/text update on Sunday morning.

PPS:  Bicycling is an inherently dangerous activity.  By participating, you accept these risks. You are responsible for your own safety while on this ride.  Also, exploring caves and swimming in rivers/the ocean is dangerous too! Use your head, be safe!